May 10


WATSONVILLE, CA—Today, Watsonville Mayor Pro-Tem Karina Cervantez Alejo called on her rival to denounce the deceptive campaign “hit pieces” mailed to voters in California’s 30th State Assembly District.

Hedge fund millionaires and anti-teacher special interests have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to the campaign coffers of Anna Caballero, and have spent half a million dollars to date trying to buy this election. These mailers are a new low and distort the process of the Mayor selection in the City of Watsonville.

Decided by a federal court in a 1988 landmark Latino voting rights case, the Mayor was to be nominated and selected by the majority of sitting council members. In 2013, Cervantez Alejo was elected Mayor unanimously by her council colleagues in a public, 7-0 vote after having served as Vice-Mayor the previous year.

Watsonville Mayor Pro-Tem Karina Cervantez Alejo stated:

“Our families deserve a campaign focused on the issues. Caballero’s special interest allies have resorted to Donald Trump-style dirty political tactics by deceiving voters about my record. Serving as my City’s Mayor was a huge privilege, and in this position I was able to spearhead the strongest modern public safety measure in our City’s history to hire more police and firefighters in order to combat crime. Anna Caballero’s campaign and her allies prefer to sling mud and mislead the voters. Today I am calling on her to immediately denounce these negative, false ads, and to call on her supporters to stop campaigning on lies.”

For more information or a full list of her endorsements, please visitwww.votekarina.com.



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