Jan 30


WATSONVILLE, CA— In a major victory for her campaign as she seeks to represent California’s 30th State Assembly District seat, today Watsonville’s Mayor Pro-Tem Karina Cervantez Alejo dominated the vote among grassroots California Democratic Party delegates at the Pre-Convention Caucus vote, surpassing the 70% threshold required to secure a formal recommendation for the Democratic Party’s endorsement at the upcoming state Party convention.

Upon receiving word of the recommendation for the California Democratic Party’s endorsement, Watsonville Mayor Pro-Tem Karina Cervantez Alejo was effusive, stating:

“Today’s vote is a real vindication and serves as proof that we are officially the true grassroots candidate in this race. It means that the people, on the ground, who live, work and thrive in the 30th Assembly District, believe that I’m the best candidate to fight for them in Sacramento. I’m overjoyed and thrilled to have this tremendous outpouring of support from these key leaders who are the backbone of our local Democratic Party. These are the activists who make things happen, by engaging, leading and winning elections to create change and improve our local neighborhoods. Their enthusiasm and energy inspires me to keep working hard so that we can prevail on Election Day and bring a new generation of leadership to the State Capitol.”

Watsonville’s Mayor Pro-Tem Cervantez Alejo secured 43 out of the total possible votes of 45 votes, equaling over 95% of the ballots cast today at the Pre-Convention Caucus vote. 

Earlier this week, Cervantez Alejo won the support of one of the most powerful regional labor unions, AFSCME Council 57. Also recently, Mayor Pro-Tem Cervantez Alejo won, in a landslide vote, the endorsement of the South County Democratic Club, a powerhouse local organization comprised of scores of politically mobilized grassroots activists.

Beyond today’s endorsement, Watsonville Mayor Pro-Tem Karina Cervantez Alejo has amassed an army of support from teachers, nurses, working people, women’s organizations, small business owners, Democratic Party luminaries, and countless others, totaling well over 220 supporters. 

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