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Why I am Running

I’m running for the State Assembly to continue my work of solving problems and delivering results for local neighborhoods.

While California is leading the way on many fronts, from our economic recovery to forward-thinking environmental protection laws and immigrant rights policies, the reality is that too many people are still struggling to make ends meet every day in communities throughout California.

In the State Assembly, I plan to bring a solutions-focused local government perspective to address the challenges of our time.

We must continue to create good paying jobs in California and confront our growing income inequality gap, all while helping small businesses grow and thrive so they can hire more workers.

In order to accomplish this, it is critical that California establishes a more accessible, world-class education system that helps ensure a strong, educated workforce. That’s why in the legislature, I plan to work hard to increase access to higher education and to make it more affordable for average hard working families.

When it comes to water, I plan to tackle the issue head-on by working to establish more long-term water policies that ensure Californians have the right to clean drinking water, and the water supplies necessary to support our rich agricultural and tourism industries in our region for the years ahead.

California has long been a beacon of hope and opportunity. I am optimistic about our state’s future and look forward to the many months ahead in this campaign of crisscrossing the district and talking to voters about how to move California forward.